K2M to Acquire e-Fellow and Launches Implant and Services Platform, Balance ACS

March 7, 2017 | Blake Mossy

K2M entered into an agreement to acquire e-Fellow, a mobile software platform that aims to streamline the patient billing and care process.

e-Fellow offers service-based technology that provides real-time automated solutions that gathers and secures patient data, insurance preauthorization documentation, and operative results. The company's platform intends to provide surgeons and healthcare facilities with easier access to relevant data that evaluates patient care and outcomes and reduces provider preauthorization denials.

This transaction is in conjunction with, and augments, K2M's launch of its Balance ACS (BACS), a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment platform that utilizes 3D solutions to help deliver quality outcomes for spine patients across the whole clinical care continuum.

BACS employs predictive analytics to balance the spine by addressing each of the patients anatomical vertebral segments with a 360-degree approach of the axial, coronal and sagittal planes. Along with 3D printed implants, the platform also incorporates the BACS System, service-based technology that provides preauthorization tools and preoperative planning, 3D anatomical modeling and postoperative reporting solutions to support the intraoperative process and drive better outcomes.

Additionally, K2M entered into a partnership with 3D Systems Corporation, a provider of 3D printers, print materials, on-demand manufacturing and software technology to develop exclusive software for the BACS System.

With the launch of the Balance ACS platform, partnership with 3D Systems, and the acquisition of e-Fellow, K2M is aiming to supplement its surgical implant portfolio with data driven solutions that provide clinical services and engagement tools to evaluate, analyze and improve patient care and outcomes. With these actions, K2M joins Johnson & JohnsonMedtronic and Zimmer Biomet in this trend.