Musculoskeletal News Roundup 2-March-18

March 2, 2018 | Blake Mossy


Micro C Imaging secured $1 million to add to its seed investment, now $2.2 million. The new funding will go towards FDA compliance and the commercial market launch of its mobile fluoroscopy solution. The Micro C system is a handheld X-ray and digital camera that is designed for surgeons treating extremities in both clinical and surgical settings.


Leader Biomedical entered into an agreement to acquire International Orthopedics, a Germany-based manufacturer/distributor of ICON total hip and hip resurfacing implants and instruments. International Orthopaedics implants will be supplemented with C-ment, a high-quality line of PMMA bone cements with and without gentamycin, the X-Grip system, an ACL reconstruction solution, eTiss allografts processed with Leader Biomedical’s proprietary eCOO Technology using supercritical carbon dioxide, as well as the Ossfinity and OssGro  line of synthetic grafts produced with MBCP Technology.


Collagen Matrix launched its two product lines, OssiMend bone graft matrices from its Spine Business Unit and DuraMatrix membranes from its Dural Repair Business Unit. OssiMend bone graft matrices are designed to provide a scaffold for a patient to grow new bone and are typically used in spinal fusion surgeries. DuraMatrix dural repair products are engineered to provide a scaffold for brain and spinal cord host dura to naturally regenerate resulting in the protection, closure and repair of dural defects as well as providing resistance of cerebrospinal fluid.

Heraeus Medical launched its PALACOS MV, a medium viscosity bone cement, with two mixing systems, PALAMIX and PALABOWL. The system’s cements are available in a more complete range of viscosities (low to high), and remain available with or without the addition of gentamic antibiotic.  The PALAMIX offers a mixing system and collection under vacuum to support optimal homogeneity of the cement. THE PALABOWL vacuum mixing bowl is designed to yield a thorough cement mix, with no unmixed power collection at the edges of the bowl.

Insight Medical Systems announced its plan to launch ARVIS, an augmented reality navigation for application in spinal fusion, joint reconstruction and repair of anterior cruciate ligaments. The system aims to be an alternative to large and more costly surgical robots and navigation systems, utilizing a headset that projects virtual models of the patient’s anatomy into the surgeon’s field of view during the procedure, revealing structures beneath the surface.  


Biomantlante announced that its MBCP+ synthetic bone graft matrix has been confirmed as the adapted matrix of choice for tissue engineering and was selected for use in a 5-year trial in the treatment of long bone nonunions. The current challenged to compare MBCP+ with autograft, and the traditional standard for bone reconstruction, MACIBONE for bone augmentation in maxillofacial surgery before dental implants.

Diamond Orthopedic announced that its faceted screw technology was successfully used in an intercalary tibial allograft surgery. The system’s patented faceted design aims to allow for surgeons to insert faceted screws into bone with less insertional torque and lower compressive stress. The thread design enables an improved bone-screw interface versus traditional helical thread forms.



Simplify Medical received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office covering the low-profile and anatomically-shapes design of its Simplify cervical disc replacement. The system aims to minimize patient risk associated with radiation, optimize long-term durability, simplify implantation and increase access to cervical disc replacement for patients with smaller anatomies.


Bioventus entered into an agreement with LifeLink Tissue Bank for the co-development of its next-generation bone allograft for spine and trauma applications. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed, however, the partnership supports Bioventus’ strategy to grow sales of orthobiologic products, both existing and those in the future.