Musculoskeletal News Roundup 29-March-18

March 29, 2018 | Blake Mossy


Nanovis received 510(k) clearance for its FortiCore interbody fusion device that utilizes Nanosurface-enhanced porous titanium scaffold, intermolded with a PEEK core.  The system is intended for use in transforaminal and anterior lumbar interbody fusion procedures. The nanopatterned surface is intended to target fixation-related complications; it also forms the basis of a bactericidal program under development to address infection-related complications.


Stryker launched its Styrker F1 Small Power System, a cordless, balanced, lightweight solution for use in extremity procedures. The system is powered by SmartGRIP technology, which utilizes a lightweight balanced battery control module that can support the operation of three micro saws, a micro drill and a universal motor for inserting k-wires and drilling.


Ceterix Orthopaedics received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the patent is related to knee meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament repair, specifically, a method to securely fasten the meniscus during a meniscal root repair.


RTI Surgical announced data on its SImmetry Sacroilliac Joint Fusion System has been published in The Spine Journal. The study results indicate that the SImmetry System produces effective joint fixation, markedly reducing range of motion in the SI joint. The minimally-invasive procedure uses decortication technology to help facilitate bone fusion, aiming to provide long-term relief.


Medicrea entered into a joint venture with its Belgium distributor, Motion Medical, to support direct sales of Medicrea’s products in the region. The partnership will allow the companies to utilize a direct sales model and generate additional revenue and create new opportunities for growth with the latest patient-specific UNiD ASI technologies.